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“Filmmaking is a subject beyond subjects, it’s a genre beyond genres.”

Observing people while traveling unknown paths and listening to stories of strangers brought me closer to my love for Film making.  It has empowered me to capture life as I see through frames of imagination, verses of fiction and sounds of voiceless voids hidden beneath chaos.

Working on every project with a new perspective and collaborating with curious minds of strangers has enabled me to learn more about myself.

Learning new forms of expression to make them part of my work has become a part of my daily ritual. Starting from Cinematography, Editing, Acting, Writing, and now Music, has enabled me to communicate in languages defined for each department of filmmaking to make my theories of imagination feasible to experience in the practical realms we could experience.

Trying hard to be sane by immersing in the path of insanity everyday to craft creative processes and collaborate with different forms of art to make people emote by understanding the deep end psychology hidden beneath every mind.

Hope to bring out new dimensions of how stories are told for viewers to connect. Let’s walk the path together while matching few steps of life and learn the other side.

Would love to catch up over a cup of coffee or a mug of beer to explore the other side of our stories.